"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

*Father's Day*

I am going to split this day up a bit since Fathers Day and Skyla's 2nd Birthday fell on the same day.
When we got home from Park City on Saturday afternoon I new that I wanted to take Chris out to a nice dinner. Jake and Megan were staying with us and joined us on a night out. We went to PF Changs and it was delicious! Then the boys wanted to go to Trafalga...they were so funny to watch! They took some of those games pretty seriously! Anyway, we came home, I went to bed and they watched a movie.
The next morning was officially Fathers Day, my Mom made us all pancakes, they were so yummy and then Chris opened up the presents that we got him. He got 2 pairs of shorts, 4 shirts and a tie. Every year I give Chris and his Dad a tie, this year they got matching ties and I even got Hunter one. I totally spaced taking a picture of them in it.

*Love the wrapping job:)
I just want to tell Chris that I love you so much and I think that our kids are the luckiest kids on the planet to have a father like you. You amaze me everyday and I feel so blessed to be your eternal companion!

*Girls Weekend*

My awesome Mom took us to Park City for our Mothers Day gift. We had such a good time. The Hotel we stayed at was awesome, it had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen, living room and a Hot tub right in the living room. We went up on Friday afternoon and went to a Mexican Restaurant for lunch then we went up to the Alpine Slide (I watched Kaylee while the girls went down) Then we got Arbys and headed back to the Hotel where we just hung out and talked (and watched Elisha be HILARIOUS;)
On Saturday we got up and went shopping until around 3:00 and then came home. We had such a blast. Thanks again Mom!***And yes I am aware that I look like a whale!

*Make Up*

My little girl is turning into a little stinker...a cute little stinker that is. I have a hard time not just smiling at her and laughing when she does something that's not O.K. I'm sure I'll get better:)

The other day she was playing in her room and I left for a couple of minutes, next thing you know I am hearing noises that don't sound like anything from her room, so I go looking for her. This is exactly how I found her...Playing in my makeup. She looked so happy and proud of herself! She is such a girly girly and I LOVE it...maybe I'll have to get her some "pretend" makeup soon. Luckily she hasn't done it again.

*Goofing Off*

Well as you can see from this first picture my kids have been a hand full, to say the least:)
Skyla all of the sudden thinks she can draw on her forehead...no where else, just her forehead. Interesting.I love how much my kids love each other. You really wouldn't believe just how much unless you are me and get to see them all day everyday together. It completely melts my heart to see them so happy when they are together.
This is Hunter and Brock having a good time in the pool. They are such cute little friends.
Again with the markers.
Question for you....why in the world is she looking at me like I did something wrong?
We love to dress up at our house! Hunter seriously hasn't taken this thing off for a week. I finally hid it yesterday so I could wash it...he was devastated!


We were so excited that John, Tammy, and Tanner were coming to visit! Unfortunately I only took a couple of pictures the first day they came. We had such a good time. The first day the kids got to run through the sprinklers, then we went to our favorite park and had pizza and kind of went fishing.

This is sweet little Tanner! I can't believe how fast he is growing up!

Throughout the next several days we did a lot of hanging out, we went to Los Hermanos, the boys attempted golfing (they got rained out twice), Tom and Angie's, and Sean and Tori's. It was so fun to just be together with everybody again! We miss you already John, Tammy, and Tanner!

*Santaquin Canyon*

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to just hang out with Cory and Elisha and their family. We had a yummy dinner, went to Kaulin's Baseball game and then headed up Santaquin Canyon to have smores. It was so much fun!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

*Our 9th Anniversary*

This year we had a pretty lame anniversary. Don't get me wrong it didn't suck, it just wasn't the same as past years. Chris was in school ALL day but came home with beautiful flowers and I had made his favorite dinner. We had planned on "celebrating" on Saturday night but that didn't quiet work out. Chris was going to take Hunter to Fathers and sons with Cory and Kaulin but once Chris went to pick them up they had a brilliant idea to go to the cabin, which usually would be just fine the beginning of June, but Oh wait, the weather has been retarded this year so they were just hoping they could get in. They didn't have any problems on the way up and drove right in but the next morning when they went to leave they got stuck...not just a little stuck, like BIG stuck. Anyway, to make a long story short my mom and I ended up going to Los Hermanos for dinner while the boys finally made it home after being stuck for 9 hours! Once Chris got all cleaned up we went to Pizza Factory where Chris got dinner and I got a delicious dessert. Then we went to Fresh Values to get milk and came home. And that was our anniversary! All I know is that we better do something awesome for our 10th! I should start saving up for a cruise;)

*Dance Recital*

A couple of weeks ago I got to watch Savannah, Brooklyn, and Rees. We had a good time just hanging out. Jen came and picked them up around 4:00 to go get ready for the dance recital.I couldn't resist putting this picture in...this poor little girl was so sad, her mom finally came and got her off the stage. It was so cute!
And here are some pictures of Savannah and Brooklyn.

They did such a great job and I was glad I was able to go!


We went on a random last minute trip to St. George over Memorial Day Weekend. Cory and Elisha literally called us on their way and said "Hey you guys want to come?" Heck yes we want to come! We ended up staying in one of the homes that Chris' parents own that happened to be vacant.(lucky us:) We had such a good time.
This is Elisha doing Skyla's hair like Sadie's for church. It looked sooo cute!Chris did a little homework.
The kids played with the pig out back.
I know these pictures are super random but I haven't gotten mine from Elisha yet so they will have to do.
Friday we drove down and stopped by our favorite pizza place "Hungry Howie's" and met Cory, Elisha and the kids at the park for dinner. Then we went to the house and got settled in for the night.
Saturday Elisha and I did some shopping while the boys took the kids to McDonald's and Red Cliffs. When we came home we headed to a BBQ joint that was very disappointing and we paid a butt load! Then we went home and the the girls put the kids to bed and we watched "Dear John" (Lamest movie ever) and the boys went to Iron Man 2.
Sunday we hung out and got ready for church. Cory and Elisha only made it through the sacrament and left. We barely made it through the rest. It was so good to be in our ward again. We got to visit with a lot of old friends but we also missed to talking to a lot of them too. We came home and got ready to head to Uncle Bruce and Aunt Vanessa's for a delicious BBQ. They treated us like royalty...it was so good. Then we came home, put the kids to bed and learned how to play "Rook" it was actually a really fun game (especially since me and Elisha won;)
Monday Elisha and I went back to a couple of stores and then came home to finish packing up. Chris' Dad had flown into Texas so we were able to go to lunch with him at Pancho's and Lefty's. It was so wonderful to see him, we miss him and Mom so much! Then we dropped him off at Uncle Bruce's and were on our way home.
It was such a great weekend...thanks again for inviting us guys!

*Hunter's 4th Birthday!*

Hunter's Birthday was on a Friday this year. Chris had to go to school all day so we decided to have his party on Saturday...Don't worry though we still celebrated on Friday. We got to watch Kaylee while Jake was in the hospital in Roosevelt. We loved having her with us. This is the kids playing and Hunter opening a present that Skyla got for him. It was a Thomas the Train puzzle. He was way excited.
Later when Chris and Grandma got home we opened up more presents. Grandma got Hunter a scripture bag....he was so happy. (it clearly shows in the picture) After that Hunter took Grandma on a date to McDonald's and then Chris took him to "How to Train a Dragon"
He also got a Batman costume and a leap frog thingie.

Grandma and Grandpa sent him a check so he could get what he really wanted for his birthday and this is him holding it up, showing the signature on the back (an H)

And him holding his cash. He is waiting to go shopping with it until Grandma and Grandpa can go with him to pick something out.
This was Hunter's Birthday invitation:We had such a good time at Hunter's Batman Party. The main thing we did was a Batman Training Course. They had to jump through 4 tires, go through the Caterpillar, knock down 3 of Batman's enemies, Hulahoop, and then do the limbo through the finish line.
Skyla in training.
Hunter knocking down the bad guys.
Even some of the guys qualified. Go Sean!:)
Hunter opening presents.
Everybody seemed to go with the "Car" theme. He got a lot of fun things.
Hunter hugging everyone and telling everyone thank you.

This is a mat that Tori made for Hunter that must have taken FOREVER! She made it totally personable to Hunter, she even has a sign to St. George on it. We absolutely LOVE it!Hunter's Batman Cake! I think it turned out pretty cute!:)

Happy Birthday Choncho Moncho! I can't believe you are already 4....where has the time gone! We love you more than you will ever know!