"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We weren't able to do Christmas Cards this year so this will have to do. We love you all and hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

*Family Christmas Date Night*

So every year for the last several years my awesome Mom, instead of buying us a Christmas Gift for Christmas Day, she takes all of the adults out for a Date Night. This is the first year that we have been able to go out with the WHOLE family... usually she would come down to St. George and the three of us would go out...We went to Red Lobster and can I just say STUFFED! We all ate SOOO much it makes me sick to even think about...I had 5 Root Beers, how disgusting is that! Anyway, we had the best time just talking and laughing.
Then we went to a play at the SERRA SHELL called the "NUNCRACKERS" and it was hilarious...I wont even try to explain it because I'll sound like an idiot but just so I remember:
"So are you Catholic? uhhhhhh..... "NO!"
"I've got the tinsel" "And I've got the balls!"

Mom, thanks again for the memory...we had a blast!

*mY gIrLy GiRl*

Man, I love this girl! She makes my day everyday! The other day she came and brought me one pink mitten then she left and came back with the other to put on, then brought her hat in for me to put on... when I went to go see what she was up to this is what I saw:She looked like she was ready to go shopping... LOVE HER! Her mittens were a little slippery so she kept dropping her baby and when she would go to pick her up she would drop everything else. CUTE GIRL!

*Here we go a Caroling....*

So for Family Home Evening we had all the family that could come over and have some Hot Soup and then we went around to our neighbors caroling. It was sooo much fun!
The kids loved sliding down every body's front yards.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well...... Um....
I know, I know it's crazy right? We were trying to get pregnant at the beginning of the year but have been preventing that from happening for several months with the knowledge that Chris was going back to school and we should wait AT LEAST until he got into the Nursing Program. Well, Heavenly Father had DIFFERENT plans for us. We are super excited because we know this baby is supposed to be with us. Because we were "preventing" I didn't really keep track of my cycle but when I went to the Dr. he told me, for now at least, that my due date is Aug.2, which puts me at almost 8 weeks. I have not felt that great, you know the usual, nauseous, dizzy, that kind of stuff. Anyway, we are excited and we will keep you updated.
This was our beautiful sunset the night we found out we were pregnant. I have not touched these pictures this was the true colors, isn't it beautiful!


*Yay For Snow!*

It FINALLY snowed! (O.k. it was a while ago:) But Hunter LOVED it! He played out there until we forced him to come in. I love living here... my Mom has the best sledding hill in her back yard and my kids have all the freedom in the world back there. I'm hoping it will snow again really soon!
(Hunter had no idea I was taking pictures of him:)

He definitely has some Nielsen in him with that tongue sticking out!

*The Angel Tree*

Last Monday for Family Home Evening my Mom wanted to take the kids to the mall and have them pick a name of a little boy or girl their age from the Angel Tree. It was so much fun! This was our first time ever doing this but it was such a good experience knowing that we have so much to be grateful for. We feel picked on because we can't afford to get the kids EVERYTHING they want for Christmas. These kids that we picked from the tree were wishing for a coat and shoes. It's amazing how much we truly do have. I feel so blessed to have a roof over my head, food to eat and everything we need to keep warm in the winter. This is something we will continue to do every year. I think the kids (and adults) can learn A LOT from this.

*Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree*

I'm not going to lie but we have totally slacked this year with Christmas. We didn't put our tree out well into the first week of December. (Usually we put it up the day after Thanksgiving) I ended up letting Hunter put up all of the decorations and it turned out really cute. (I haven't taken a picture of it done yet but when I do I will post a picture)

Thanks little Hunter for being such a BIG helper!

*Family Home Evening*

A couple of weeks ago (The first Monday of December) we had Kelly and Jen's family over for F.H.E. and we wrote letters to Santa and made Christmas chains. We numbered each of the chains with how many days we had till Christmas and every night when they took a number off there would be a matching scripture. It's actually been really fun and it helps remind us to read the scriptures:) After that my Mom read the kids "The Christmas Orange" It was a really fun night!
Hunter and Skyla got there letters from Santa Claus yesterday and they are so excited for Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

*Light Parade*

The day after Thanksgiving we decided to get the kids bundled up and take them downtown to the Spanish Fork Light Parade. They had just started it when I was with Miss Spanish Fork and we rode a Jeep in it...let's just say they have come a long way since then. They had a lot of fun different floats with lights. It was a COLD, fun night. (Except when Hunter spilled HOT chocolate ALL over my camera)

The kids LOVED it, they couldn't stop staring.

This was Hunter's favorite.


We had a Wonderful Thanksgiving this year. It was a lot different then in years past... it was the Knudsens turn for Thanksgiving but everybody has, in the last year, moved to Texas and we just moved so there was no way we could fly there so we had a random Thanksgiving. Jen and James came down with their kids and Sean and Tori and their sweet little girl came and my Mom. I think we all had a great time (I hope:) The food was awesome and the conversations were wonderful. I am so thankful for ALL of my family. I truely am blessed beyond belief!

I only took these four pictures...that's how it usually happens for me, on a big day where a lot is going on I forget to take lots of pictures. I'll work on it for Christmas.:)