"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

*Change of Heart*

O.k. So we are all in the bathroom (Hunter, Skyla and Myself), I am getting ready for the day, Hunter and Lala are doing there own thing (Playing with water in the bathtub) All of the sudden I hear Hunter YELLING! I couldn't understand what he was saying but I thought he was talking to Lala so I said, "EXCUSE ME?" he said "Momma, do you see that fly....GO AWAY FLY!" (Yelling again, of course!) I said I saw it and went back to getting ready when I over hear him say "Well, I better go get my gun and shoot that fly, Huh momma?" I said sure. So he comes back in with his gun he puts it right up to the fly and proceeds to shoot the fly. I thought it would end there but no no that's not Hunter's style. I couple of minutes later I hear him talking again and he says to the fly, that obviously isn't dead because his gun is not real, "I'm sorry fly, did I hurt your feelings?" Then a pause, then, "Would you like to play with us?" Then "Yay Momma, the fly is going to play with us!" I said "Awesome bud!" Then he said, to the fly, "Would you like a drink of water?" then proceeds to fill up a cup of water and says "Here you go!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

*Silly Hunter!*

Hunter and I just went to Albertsons together (Mom was keeping an eye on Skyla because she was asleep and not feeling that great) On our way there we passed a large farm that has cows, horses and lamas. Hunter pointed out to the field and said "Hey Mom look, there's a baby cow!" So I looked over and saw that it was a lama so I told him so, he said "Oh, a mama." I said "No, a Lama." (drawing the L out) he says "Oh right, a Mama!" "No" I said a LLLama, he says, "Oh a P P P Mama!" What a cute boy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

*Family Home Evening*

We had such a fun Family Home Evening on Monday. We learned about Daniel and the Lions Den. I had the boys make lion puppets while I made a yummy waffle dinner. I put this picture in because Lala is the funniest eater! She eats everything from the middle and works her way to the outside.

After dinner we put the kids in the bath and got them ready for bed so that when we got home from the temple they could go straight to bed.
Hunter LOVES the temple so we go there as often as we can. The lesson I gave was just this cute little "kid version" of Daniel and the Lions Den and every time I said "Lion" they would make their puppets growl as ferociously as they could. Lala and Hunter love to growl so this was right up their ally. After the lesson the kids played on the grass.

I think I have a slight obsession with trees.
I know I am retarded but I have never seen a cotton bush. I was completely fascinated by this! Actual cotton balls that turn into flowers! What! That is freakin awesome!

*Knudy Happenings*

Let me just start out by saying, We missed Chris SOOOOOOOOO much and are so glad he was able to come back for a week!
Hunter DESPERATELY needed a haircut, he kept saying "Well, let's just go to Aunt Tammy's house then Mom!" Um.... yeah, that would be quiet the drive. (Colorado) Anyway, Chris said, "Let me just cut it", I was a little nervous at first but he did an AWESOME job!He forgot to use a towel so he made a great big mess but I'm sure we will remember next time.
Lala watching all the action.
Chris and our cute kiddies!
Lala decided to wait and walk consistently until her Daddy got home and let me say, she took off! It is so fun to see her all over the place.

You can tell she is over it in this picture.
We had a family Shoot Out one night, it was so much fun. We are trying to teach Hunter that he cant just shoot whatever he wants and that he needs to be careful before he pulls the trigger. We had pigs, bears, frogs, girls, cats, puppies, sheep, cows, and a moose. It was such a fun night!
Hunter flirting with the girl!
We love you honey and we miss you already! (He left again this morning)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

*CrAzY LiFe!*

FYI... We are not moving to Texas at this time. Things didn't quiet work out how we thought they would. We will keep you posted!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

*Labor Day Weekend*

First off can I just say I have the best family ever! We seriously have so much fun together and I am so blessed to have them (all of them!) Anyway, the boys planned a weekend at the cabin with the kids and the girls (minus Jen, we missed you) came down to have some fun. Megan just had found out that they are having a baby girl...Yay! so we had to do some serious shopping. That night we went to Ruby River for dinner. It was amazing food! Then we went to Aida at Tuachan. (Elisha decided last minute to come to St. George so she didn't come with us) Lets just say that the show was simply amazing! I didn't really know what it was about, I have performed and heard some of the music but had no idea the story line, but have no fear my mom and Jess (who has also performed a lot of the numbers) knew it inside out and filled me and Megan in. I loved it!

Sunday we went to church and lounged in our Pj's all day and then made a delicious dinner and watched Forever Strong (great movie, I totally recommend it)

Then on Monday we did some more shopping and then the ladies had to leave...so sad! I miss them already!
I love these girls! (and Baby Gavin of course!)

*Walking...kind of*

My sweet little Skyla Jean is a VERY stubborn child! She has had absolutely NO desire to walk. (Hello, she is 14 months) Well, the other night Hunter and I were putting her to bed and I stood her there (she has been standing on her own for months) and she took two steps...I started screaming(I am a very excited mother:) and she looked at me and smiled. So I stood her there again and backed up a little to see if she would do it again, sure enough she did, over and over again, then randomly she took seven steps. I was overjoyed so I ran and got my camera.
(Don't ask about her hair, I know it's bad:) I can't help but laugh every time I see this picture. She is totally thinking "You want me to do it again....well, we'll see!" That little stink!:)

Hunter was so excited too. He was my little helper to try to get her to come to us.
The next morning I stood her there and she threw her head back... she would have none of it. She is in complete control of the situation...she will walk when SHE wants to walk.
Love her!


A couple of weeks ago we found out that Walmart had a lot of their toys on Clearance so we decided to get some money from Hunter's money jar and let him go buy a toy. He has never done this before and he was so excited! When we got there, the gun was the first thing he saw and he says "Now I can go shoot pigs with Daddy!" I had him make his purchase all by himself and it was the cutest thing ever, counting his dollars and handing it to the cashier. When we came home he spent the rest of the day in the back yard shooting Lions and Lizards...silly me, we don't have Pigs to shoot in St. George! Duh!On Thursdays we have been going to Jumpin Jacks with Hunters little buddy Cal and brother Cade and Mom Danell. It has been so much fun. They are cute little friends. Randomly they put on some loud dance music and turn off the lights and the kids LOVE it. Hunter could jam for hours!

This is us playing in the backyard.

Hunter loves playing with Lala and pushing her in his dump truck. She only tipped over a couple of times and wasn't even dramatic about it...Shocking!

I love my kids so much and have so much fun with them!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

*Family Pictures*

We got our family pictures taken when we went up North a couple of weeks ago. Ashley Taylor took them and we LOVED her! Here are some of the ones that she put on her blog, we should see the rest sometime this weekend.
Skyla was NOT cooperating at all. I don't think she smiled once until we got in the car to go home...Little stinker!

This picture reminds me why I HATE my profile:)