"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

*First Tooth*

On Sunday, January 2, 2011 I was in Relief Society trying to keep Jagger quiet (he is SOOO noisy, not sad noisy HAPPY noisy) and he was grinning this HUGE grin at me and I noticed his first little tooth has popped through. My baby is growing up WAY to fast! If you look close it's on the bottom right. SO CUTE!:)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I CAN NOT get enough of little Jagger! As you can tell I can't stop taking pictures of him either:) Every little thing he does, every expression he makes is so dang cute that I HAVE to capture it.
This is him at 5 1/2 months...can you believe it?! He's growing WAY to fast!
He is sitting up on his own now pretty good, he usually falls when he is chowing down on his hand but other than that he can sit there for quite a while.
He rolls around EVERYWHERE!
You have to keep a close eye on him because he's a fast little roller.
He is VERY expressive...this is one of my favorite looks:) He Loves chewing on his bottom lip.
He got his first tooth, the middle bottom and now is chewing on everything!
He now arches his back and scoots around this way.

I was looking at Hunters ABC book that I made him when he was 1 and Jagger looks A LOT like him in some pictures. It will be fun to see how similar they look when their older.

*Sick Kids*

*This was a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to record it (it was on facebook...you gotta love copy and paste:)

My poor poor kids! Jagger started off with a cough several days ago, now he's pretty much over it, then 4 days ago Skyla started getting a cough, sore throat, and fever. Yesterday it took a turn for the worse and she cried almost the entire day. She just keeps getting worse so we took her to the Dr., they weren't really sure if it was croup or pneumonia so they sent us to the hospital to do 6 different tests and x-rays. The Dr. just called me and said she actually is in the beginning stages of BOTH! Scary. Then she woke up about an hour ago and I took her temp after she had been awake for awhile and it was 104.2 Yikes. To make everything even better Hunter asked us if he could go to bed at 6:30 so I took his temp and he is at 101.4 Its going on the 5Th night of no sleep for Mommy:) Wish me luck:)


We were lucky enough to see Chris' sister Cindy and Brother in law, Wayne and their darling family! They came up from Texas for 4 weeks and we got to see them on 2 different occasions. We had such a blast just hanging out, eating, talking, and playing games. We wish so much that we could see them more often but are SO grateful we got to spend some time with them!
I took their family pictures in the backyard...aren't they a GORGEOUS family?!


Chris and Cory had the bright idea to go to the cabin to get one of our old snowmobiles and fix it up so they both had something to ride around here. Well they decided to take Hunter, Kaulin, and Sadie with them. They only had 1 machine (my grandma's old XLT) that was semi working. They had to go up to Fairview and get a chain before that was officially running right. They left in the morning and last minute decided that they were going to spend the night up there so Elisha prepared them to go (They had already left our house when they decided:) So they were on there way. Elisha said that Cory called her at 2:00 from Fairview and they were on their way up. So I went about the rest of the day taking care of the younger two kids. After dinner, Elisha was going to come over and show me the new bedding she got for Christmas (beautiful by the way:) and Mom and I told her she should just stay the night she said she would think about it, but probably not. She had a few more errands to run and by the time she was done she called and said she was coming to stay. Nobody wants to be alone when the boys are out of town...Right?! Anyway, I had rented a movie for us and when the kids were asleep we settled in on the couch with our snacks. So we start watching "Charlie St. Cloud" and are kind of wondering why the boys haven't called us yet to tell us they were safe. They ALWAYS call as AS SOON as they get up there...especially when they have our kids. The later it got the more scared we got. If you've seen the movie you would know that it WAS NOT appropriate for the feelings we were having concerning our family. In the movie when Charlie finds the note on the door "Come find me!" Elisha looks at me and says "Is this a sign" So naturally we are in full blown panic mode! My Mom and Ken where downstairs watching a movies so we decided to go ask Mom what we should do. We kept trying to call, knowing we wouldn't get through but to show them that we were trying to call if they checked their phones. Chris' phone kept ringing which meant it was turned on so I was so confused as to why he wouldn't call...It wasn't out of battery or it would have gone straight to voicemail like Cory's. Anyway, it was pitch black outside and FREEZING cold outside. We just kept thinking maybe the snowmobile didn't work and they were trying to get to our cabin and of our poor kids so cold and scared and then we thought well did they even make it to the cabin or did the car go over a cliff or slide off the road? Let's just say our minds went wondering to the most awful things! We decided to say a prayer and then we called a bunch of different people to see if they new if certain people where up in Fairview that we could get a hold of...their wasn't then my Mom called the Sheriffs office (I was busy crying and freaking out) and as soon as we told them there were three kids, one 6 and 2 4 year involved we had their attention. He said he would send someone up to make sure they had made it to the parking lot and call us back as soon as he could get back down the mountain where there would be service. We new that if they made it to the parking lot the chances of them running into someone to help them or breaking into a cabin were pretty good. Elisha felt pretty calm and decided to go to bed. Mom and I waited up til 2:00 AM when the officer said that the car was there. I felt better (not great but better:) so we went to bed.
The next morning Elisha went home early and we told each other that we would call each other as soon as we new anything. We heard NOTHING. Kelly called early and asked if I wanted him to get some buddies and go looking for them. I said I didn't hear anything by noon then yes. After talking to Elisha she said realistically to give them until 2 and what do you know we heard from them around 11:30. I answered the phone and the first thing that came out of Chris' mouth was "I'm soooo sorry we COULD NOT get reception up there!" I started bawling and thanking my Heavenly Father for keeping them safe. You could hear the kids laughing in the background. Obviously they had no idea what we had just been through. I thought I had lost my boys. I know that sounds dramatic but I just kept thinking why would I think that something that traumatic couldn't happen to me? It could! None of us are exempt from tragedy of one kind or another. When they walked in the door Chris came running over to me and said "We're Alive, We're Alive!" then he looked right at me and said "You are so paranoid" My Mom and I just looked at each other like "he DID NOT just say that!"

Monday, January 10, 2011


We had a wonderful/weird Christmas this year. Wonderful because I was with my beautiful little family and they are all I need in life. But weird in the fact that it was just us until Christmas night. We have ALWAYS been surrounded by at least one of our extended family. It was the Knudsen sides Christmas this year and well let's just say we couldn't afford to go to Texas:)
Don't get me wrong we still had a blast it was just very quiet most of the day which for us is just not normal.

The kids got to have a "Sleep Out" in the upstairs living room and we told them that when ever they woke up we would go downstairs and see if Santa came. Well Hunter woke up about 7:00 to go to the bathroom so of course I woke up and laid there with butterflies...so excited for the kids to go downstairs. Well Hunter gets done taking care of his business he comes in and says "Can I snuggle with you guys" we said sure and he just laid there and didn't say anything so about 15 minutes later I said "Hunter, don't you want to seen if Santa came?" He goes "Oh yeah I forgot!" and started jumping up and down so excited...FINALLY:) Hunter went and got Skyla and Jagger happened to wake up right then too so we went and got Grandma and headed downstairs.

*Jagger got a couple of toys and an outfit.
*Skyla got a chest full of Princess clothes and a couple of DVDs (amongst other little things)
*Hunter got a TON of Batman stuff, Clothes, legos, mask etc. plus a fireman helmet and some DVDs with a bunch of other little things.
*Jamie (me) got a sewing machine with a bunch of things that go with it and $100.00 to do what ever I wanted with (I bought a Nikon Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 lens...LOVE IT)
*Chris got awesome remote control cars than him and Hunter can play with , CD, DVDs, and 2 Jazz tickets so he can take whoever he wants to.

Mom made her amazing pancakes for breakfast and from then on we just played and ate. When the kids went for naps we played Hand and Foot and couldn't wait til the Nielsen family would arrive and bring some noise and chois:) We had such a blast with the family and had a wonderful dinner with funeral potatoes and ham then we played Werewolf...FUNNEST GAME EVER! (Chris got it in his stocking:)
We had a great Christmas!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

*Twas the Night Before Christmas...*

We had SUCH a fun Christmas Eve this year, it was just us and my Mom.

We started out around 2:30 and went to see TANGLED...LOVED it! It was kind of funny because my brother Kelly and his family were all there with Jen (his wife's) family so we all sat together. The kids were soooo good...even Jagger he just stared at the screen.

After the movie we went to Ruby River for an amazing dinner!

As you can see...Skyla is getting very tired:)
Then we went to see the Festival of Lights. The kids LOVED it! (and so did the adults:)
When we got home we made some cookies for Santa.
Then we opened our Christmas PJ's. Skyla got some slipper boots and she was BEYOND thrilled about them:)

Hunter and Chris both got Batman PJ's
After that we had some cookies and milk...
then sprinkled Magic Reindeer Food is the backyard so that Santa and his reindeer would know where we lived.

This was such a fun Christmas Eve!:)

*The Sunday before Christmas*


I CAN NOT get enough of this girl!