"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

*Good Times at the Cabin*

When Chris was in town we made a last minute decision to go up to the cabin. Kelly and Jen and their sweet little family came up and so did Mom. It was soooo beautiful up there! (as always)
We ended up only staying Saturday morning til Sunday afternoon but plenty of fun and scary moments happened in this short period of time.
Kelly brought up a "thing" to make the fire pit bigger and safer so they got the bobcat out and started fixing it all up. Then they started a fire and started burning a bunch of crap that we have had in the basement forever! I was inside with Jen and the babies and I said to Jen, "Gosh, that sure makes me nervous (the fire that big) right next to that tree" about 10 minutes later you see Chris and Kelly booking it toward the cabin. "Grab me the hose!" Um... yeah the wind had picked up and started the tree on fire! Hello?!!!!! It was kind of intense for a minute or so, I was afraid that we were going to start the next huge wildfire... Fortunately we did not.This is the kids right after all of the excitement. They sat on the trailer and kept an eye out for the fire.
After that excitement, Kelly and Chris decided to clear the road behind the cabin and make it wider. It is really nice to have more space.

While the boys were doing that we decided to take a walk.
Grandma and the kids. (Skyla and Rees were sleeping)

What a beautiful night!

Hunter was running down the road and tripped, he said he couldn't walk so Jen was nice enough to take him for a little ride.
Later that night we decided to make SmOrEs! Yummy!

Grandma, Hunter and Skyla right before Grandma had to leave.
A couple of other crazy things that happened while we were there:
*Kelly was on the bobcat and Chris, Hunter and Wyatt were sitting on a huge pile of logs watching. I looked out the window and thought it would make such a cute picture so I headed out. Right when I almost got to them they started getting up, then I was behind a tree and I hear Chris' scream "KELLY, KELLY!" in one of those screams you can't imitate! I couldn't see what was going on but my heart stopped and I ran around the tree to see what was going on. Apparently Kelly was going to move the logs so he told them to get off while he did it. He thought he saw all of them get off but little Hunter hadn't quit made it yet and the logs were coming in around Hunter's leg. We were lucky that Kelly heard Chris and was smart enough to just freeze. Hunter is totally fine, he just had several scratches up the back of his leg.
About 5 minutes later we were standing a safe distance from Kelly just watching and Hunter yells "Quit trying to kill me Uncle Kelly!" It was hilarious!
*Chris starts running to the cabin... I know, I know dejavu right? Well somehow the gas can, full of gas, had started on fire...Yeah, that could have been bad but they got it right out!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

*Picking Chris Up*

Chris flew into Salt Lake last Wednesday and I decided that I was going to pick him up alone and we would go out to a romantic dinner. Wow...it was sooooo amazing to see him. I have missed him so much and it just felt so good to be in his presence again.We went to PFChangs...it's our FaVoRiTe!
After Dinner we went and walked around the Temple, it was so beautiful!

We made a couple of wishes.
I know that I'm probably weird but I thought this looked so cool!
It was such a fun night!
I love you Babe! (Wink, Wink!)


Me and the kids went up North for a couple of weeks and we did lots of fun things. On Saturday we decided to go up to Sundance but when we woke up it was super rainy so we didn't know if we would make it or not. We decided to at least go get some KFC (thanks again Mom!) and go up to the park that is at the start of Provo Canyon. It was pretty cold but it started clearing up by the time we were done eating so we ventured on up to Sundance. There "TRAM" (that's what my mother calls it) AKA a ski lift:) had closed down and they had sent all of their operation employees home because of bad weather, so we decided to hike up to the falls. Before we left, Cory and Lala hanging out.
This is at the park. The kids were wrestling. It was so funny to watch and amazing that none of them got hurt (seriously that is:)

Grandma and Lala

Jake and Megan (So sweet)
Hunter loved water.
Uncle Jake showing Hunter the fish.
I am so grateful for my brothers, Hunter needed some Male bonding since his Daddy has been gone for a couple of weeks. Thanks again Boys (all of you!)
My mom insisted that she carry Lala.
Lala was such a good girl. She kept trying to grab all of the leaves the whole hike.
I wish this picture gave it justice as to just how beautiful it truly was.
The Falls.
Hunter and Kaulin freezing.
Wife's and Kids.
Uncle Jake, Hunter, Uncle Cory, and Sadie Madie
Uncle Cory and Skyla.

Uncle Jake, Lala, and Aunt Megan.
What a fun day!

*Shawn's Wedding*

My cousin Shawn got married a couple of weeks ago and I'm so glad that I got to attend. It was so good to see that side of my family!Shawn, his beautiful wife, their sweet little boy, My Uncle Scott, and his cute girlfriend Suzy.
Great Grandma Carson and Sklya Jean (this is who Skyla Jean is named after)

Uncle Mike and Hunter (Don't ask me what Hunter's face is doing:)

The Grandma's and Lala.
Four Generations.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

*Random Fun*

The day before the boys left for Texas we got home from Church and Hunter wanted Grandpa to trace his hand, then foot, then face. He thought it was awesome!

Lala just laid there forever. Hunter threw his clothes on her and she thought it was so funny!
Hunter and Grandma snuggling.

Emma and Lala- Best Friends.
I had the music cranked in my room and Hunter and Emma were taking turns dancing. This is the pose Hunter would make every time it was his turn to watch! Where does he come up with this stuff?
Cute girls!
Reading Time with Grandma

Adorable Little Tanner!
Aunt Tammy and Tanner came to visit and we are so glad we got to play! We went to the park with them and Jake, Cami, Jackson, and Carter. It was so much fun.

What a fun Aunt! Tammy was running down the hill with Hunter and Jackson in the blanket!

This is a picture of Lala that Hunter drew. Pretty Huh?:)
Lala and Hunter coloring pictures for Daddy and Grandpa. We sent them a little package with little notes, pictures and Hugs and Kisses.
We sure do miss them when their gone!