"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

*Wet and Wild Wednesday*

We watched sweet little Chloe from Sunday to Wednesday while Mike and Jess went on a little vacation. We LOVED having her with us. She lights up the room with her smile! On Wed. we went out to enjoy the sun and water the grass so I got her all dolled up! Doesn't she look cute?! My kids LOVE the water!:D

*The Grotto*

We had funnest week last week! Cory and Elisha came up to work on thier house and we talked them into staying with us through the week. The night of the 4th Skyla and Sadie got to go over to Kelly and Jen's for a sleepover and we had Wyatt and Kaulin for a sleepover...SO. MUCH. FUN! The next day it rained pretty much the entire day so Cory and Elisha couldn't work on their house so Elisha and I went shopping while the boys stayed home while the kids napped. I LOVE shopping with Elisha, we got Sadie and Skyla a bunch of matching outfits for school:D The next day Chris and I took the kids to see Madagascar 3, it was SO cute (Jagger was a turd but whatever:) That night after they were done working we met up Payson Canyon and had a picnic and then hiked the Grotto. The kids LOVED it! I wish so much that I would have taken the camera...Jagger was soaked from head to toe! All the kids drove home pretty much naked!:D The next day Chris helped out and I made everyone dinner and took it over, after that we went to the Red Barn and got some ice cream. We decided that it was a good idea to go and get the ice cream, that way the boys could keep working...let's just say, it was NOT the best idea...Elisha's lap was COVERED in ice cream...I am laughing out loud right now just remembering it! SO FUNNY!:D

 WOW...not sure what that is!

(Not really sure what my kids are doing:)

*Independence Day*

We had such a fun 4th of July this year. We met Rise and Laticia at Canyon View Park and went fishing and had a KFC picnic. After that we came home, had naps, and then got ready for the Nielsen family BBQ. It was so much fun! We ate yummy food, played yard games, and watched fireworks...I LOVE my family!:D 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

*Skyla's First Pedicure*

We had SUCH a fun girls day today. It was a belated birthday present for Skyla. Lexi came and watched the boys so we could go. Skyla was SO excited to get her nails done. We got matching nails (she thought that was the coolest thing ever:D After that we headed to Los Hermanos and had lunch. They came to sing Happy Birthday to her and scared the crap out of her, it was SO funny! Then we headed to Cupcake Chic for her free Birthday cupcake. It was such a fun day with my sweet little girl and my awesome Mom:D