"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

*Good Times*

We were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Knudsen come and visit us for a couple of days. While they were here one of the nights we watched Donna's kids so we mostly hung out outside and let them run and play. They had a blast!:D We ALWAYS LOVE when they come and visit, we mostly just hang out, play games and talk, I miss living close to them SO MUCH!!!

*Another One Bites The Dust*

Hunters front tooth was SO ready to come out but he just couldn't rip it out so Chris bribed him with a dollar if he would let him pull it out and wala:)

*First Day*

The kids were SO excited for school to start this year:) We got to go about a week earlier to meet their new teachers which made them even more excited! I always think it's amazing that when I meet my kids' teachers I feel like that is EXACTLY who should be teaching my babies, I pray I will ALWAYS feel that way. My children have been blessed with amazing teachers.

Hunter-2nd Grade, Mrs. Groneman
Skyla-Kindergarten-Mrs. Sumens

The night before school started we did our annual "Back to School" dinner and then Chris gave each one of our children a blessing. I am SO grateful to have the Priesthood in our home and so grateful for such an incredible husband who honors it and cherishes it so deeply. Each one of the blessings was unique and perfect, I feel so blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father who wants the best for my kids and help Chris and I be the best parents we can be to these precious little souls!

When Hunter got off the bus I said "How was your first day?" and he throws his hands in the air and says "IT WAS PERFECT!!!" Skyla was a giddy little girl when she got home, she absolutely LOVED it! 

Chris had his FIRST day of his LAST semester before he is FINALLY an RN...
(Chris wanted to pose just like Hunter....cause their best friends:)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

*Hi Grandpa*

While Mom was in town to close on the house we wanted to stop by and say hello to my Dad. My kids LOVE visiting his grave and making sure it looks pretty:) That is one thing I really miss about not being right down the street from the Cemetery, EVERY TIME we would pass my kids would all say "Hi, Grandpa"
We sure do miss him SO much! The other day Hunter was asking questions about him and he asked me about the day he died and I told him that it was the worst day of my life and he said to me "I bet it was the worst day of his life too" It kind of caught me off guard, I said "yeah, I bet it was!" I'm so happy to know that he is free from the craziness of this life and is at peace now with his family that's on the other side, it will be quite a party when we get to see each other again:D (kind of can't wait, but I will;)

*Payson Temple*

We LOVE living in Payson...we have a gorgeous view of the Temple and my kids ask me several times a week to drive by it, so we do:D As we pass the kids sing "I love to see the Temple" I love how excited they are to see it progress...we are SO excited!:D

*Utah County Fair*

We had SO MUCH FUN at the Fair this year. It wasn't busy at all so there were no lines and we could just kind of wander around. The kids got to choose 3 rides and we had a blast with Grandma there, it's ALWAYS fun when Grandma's there:D

*Fire season was going on full blast which is really sad but makes for some awesome sunsets:D