"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am SO blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

 I was on the way home from Skyla's field trip and this is the view from in front on my 



*Field Trip to the Police Station*

The February Field trip was to the Police Station. I don't know what it is but every time we are in a group setting like this Skyla turns into this very shy little girl and clings to my side. She normally is NOT a shy girl at all, only in these settings! WEIRD! Anyway, you can tell in the pictures when she starts to relax a little (except the last one, stinker WOULD NOT smile!)

*Miss Jean*


*Grandma Time*

Chad surprised Donna by flying Grandma in, Donna has been having a really rough pregnancy so what is better than having your Mommy there to help you right? Well, it was wonderful for EVERYONE because we got to hang out with her too! We did lots of fun things from chatting, to going to Cafe Rio, to making a new dress for Skyla, having family over for dinner and just hanging out! I LOVE THIS WOMAN! We miss having her and Grandpa around but are SO grateful we got to see her!

(I promise they did NOT watch TV the whole time although the pictures will tell you differently:)

Hunter made us a "picnic" He is such a sweetheart!

*Valentines Day*

We had such a great Valentines Day. The weekend before we went on a double date with Cory and Elisha to Pizza Factory (where Kelly and Jen's family happened to be:) and then the movie THE VOW...such a fun night! On Valentines Day the kids woke up to there favorite sugar cereal (we don't normally have "sugar" cereal in our house so this was HUGE!) with a poem for each one of them on their box. This is one of Chris' family traditions and I wanted to continue it:) Then they got ready for school and were off. This was also Mom's last day with us so I took her to Donna's after I dropped of the kids. When the kids came home we had heart pancakes for lunch and then Skyla went to dance class. When we got home and put the younger ones down for a nap Hunter helped me prepare a fancy dinner. It turned out SO yummy! Then the boys gave me and Skyla some beautiful flowers, a necklace, earrings and US Magazine:) Couldn't have been better! I'm so  blessed to have so much LOVE around me everyday!:)

*Heart Attacked!*

The weekend before Valentines Day there was a knock at the door (we were eating dinner) and Mom thought it was Ken so she answered the door, then she said "You guys, come here!" She thought it was for her at first and then realized it was for the kids. We had been 
At the end of the "trail of hearts" there was a bag with a gift for each of the kids. 
Hunter got a Spiderman bounce ball thingy
Jagger got an awesome car and 
Skyla got this beautiful shoe necklace. As soon as I saw it I knew who it was from. 
Laticia has the same necklace and Skyla said that she loved it and wanted one like it...How sweet and thoughtful is that?! We have THE BEST FRIENDS in the world!

Skyla was ECSTATIC!


Hunter got his spacers put in and he was a complete champ about it. Didn't even flinch as the Dentist was pushing and pulling at his mouth. They said that it was rare for a kid to do that well...GO HUNTER!:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

*Jagger-18 Months*

First off, I CAN NOT handle the cuteness of this little boy. He is such a cheese head and I LOVE it!
I know these pictures are all alike but I couldn't choose, he's just SO DANG CUTE!

I can't believe my BABY is 18 months old already! (SOB!!!)

Here are his stats:
Weight: 25.13 pounds (63%)
Height: 33.2 inches (75%)
Head: 19.5 inches (94%)

*Best Friends*

These two are SO cute together! Jagger absolutely LOVES Chloe, he literally jumps for joy every time she comes over. He loves to steel her toys, give her her binmen, and smother her with kisses. She just stares at him  with her big blue eyes in and smiles...LOVE it!:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

*Nothing Better*

than Grandma snuggles:)

 (Chad flew Grandma Knudsen out to help Donna because she is having a hard pregnancy and we were lucky enough to have her come be with the older kids while I went to the Dr with Jagger and Chris was at school)

Our little family has been sick for the past week (7 days as of today) 
It started out with sweet Jagger getting a fever, that lasted a day and then he was fine. The next night Hunter was up all night with the croup cough (barking) it was REALLY bad he was really struggling to breath, we took him to the Dr. then next day and he got a shot and was feeling better the next day, well Skyla started feeling sick to and coughing the croup cough so Chris took her in. The Dr. said that she had the Flu and Croup which is NOT a good combination and then on top of that she had a double ear infection...her ears were literally bleeding. it was SO sad! She has been sick since then, today is the first day she is feeling better, I am SO glad! Jagger however started getting sick again too the same day Skyla went to the Dr. he started the croup cough as Skyla was at the Dr so I called Chris to see if she could just get us a prescription for him too but they had to see him first so a couple of hours later I took him in and he got a shot as well. He is also feeling much better today. As for me I have been sick since Saturday night but I can still function so I am counting my blessings:) As far as Chris goes he totally escaped, I'm so grateful too because he can't afford to miss school and work...It's been a LONG week to say the least but I'm hoping everyone is done being sick tomorrow:)

*Silly Boys!*

*Jazz VS Jimmer*

Kelly and Jen were sweet enough to invite us to the Jazz game last week. We had THE BEST time! We went to Sizzler before the game and Ken bought us dinner...SO nice! Then we headed to the game...I have to say I'm not sure I have EVER been that entertained by sports in my life! (except maybe Hunter's soccer games:) The crowd couldn't decide who they were going for, every time Jimmer got the ball the crowd would go insane! The only word I can think of to describe it is BIPOLAR! It was SO much fun! 
Thanks again Kelly and Jen:)
 My friend Heather sang the National Anthem and did a great job! I think this picture is funny because the players are totally checking her out!:)