"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

*Skyla Jean*

What can I say about this amazing, beautiful, sweet, kind, loving, silly, vivacious, funny little girl of mine... well I guess I'll say just that. Skyla never ceases to amazes me with how sweet of a girl she is. She is very well mannered and very tender hearted. I can't believe my Baby Girl is 3 now! It just seems crazy to me. She is growing up to one incredible little lady and I am so honored to be her Mommy!

This was what she wore to church today and she looked to dang cute to not take pictures of her. This is my absolute favorite dress EVER! My mother in law bought it for her before she was even known about. We were shopping in the St. George Mall and I saw it in the store and about died! They had it in all kinds of colors but I LOVED the yellow one. How perfect is it on her?!:)
One thing about this little girl is that she is not good at looking and smiling at the camera. I think I must take way to many pictures of her because she instantly gets this crazy smile on her face and wont look at me for the life of her! I had my Mom come outside to make her smile and it worked:)
She posed herself by the tree:)

I couldn't decide which one I liked better:)

My mom took this one of me and my girl.

Skyla's Stats:
Height: 37.5 inches/63.13%
Weight: 35 pounds/ 85.92%

Saturday, June 25, 2011

*Skyla's Princess Party*

Skyla had her Princess Party last night and it was a BLAST! Aunt Elisha did her hair and she looked absolutely beautiful as Cinderella! When everyone got here we divided into 2 teams which ended up being Team Knudsen and Team Nielsen, we did a bunch of Princess Trivia and then at the end for bonus points we had to think of a princess song and sing at least 4 lines of it and then it would go to the next team and so on. It ended up being really fun:) (even though when it was done everyone was ready for it to be done;) Then Skyla opened some fun presents and then we ate cake. It was a VERY fun party.

This is Great Grandma Knudsen. She hadn't seen Skyla since she was a baby and had never met Jagger so it was awesome for her to meet them. Skyla LOVES her:)

Skyla and Prince Rise:)

*Best Hubby EVER!*

I have the sweetest husband in all the world! He can just tell when I'm having a down day. It wasn't really terrible but I was just feeling bad about myself and was having a hard time. So what do I get delivered (by my Mom:) These beautiful flowers (Gerber Daisy's are my favorite) and a darling outfit. He called my Mom (because he was at school all day) and asked her if she could pick it up for him and bring it home to me. Isn't he the most thoughtful guy?! Just knowing that he was thinking about me and concerned for me just brightened my day!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

*Skyla's Birthday*

Skyla turned Three on Monday! Wow...my baby girl! I seriously wish I could just have her over and over again. She is the funnest little girl and I adore her!
Hunter had a sleep over at Wyatt's house so he wasn't there to celebrate with us until the mid afternoon. We woke up and she wanted Minnie Mouse pancakes so that's what she got:) While I was getting breakfast ready she opened the gift that Grandma and Grandpa got her which was a kitty. She is in love with this kitty. It meows, purrs and walks and EVERY TIME it does one of those she gets this huge smile on her face and says "She LOVES me!" She and her Daddy chose the name "Patches" for her and she is now a part of the family.:)

She had some birthday cards to open from 2 of her Great-Grandma's. The one from Grandma Knudsen had 5 "Tickets" in them and she was SOOO excited. We went to the store later and she picked out a cute little princess to buy with her "tickets"
Chris had to spend most of the day at school because he had to finals to study for.
This is Rise, Chris' study buddy from school with whom Skyla is in love with:) It's soooo cute! Him and his wife, Latitia came over for dinner last weekend and Skyla asked Rise if he would be her Prince. So this is PRINCE RISE!:)

We are having a little Birthday Party for her today with family so I will post those later:)

*Father's Day*

First of all I have to say, Chris is THE BEST DADDY in the world! I can not fully express how grateful I am for the man I married. I honestly could not have dreamed of anyone more perfect for me and our beautiful kids. I love him so much and am so grateful to share the role as parents with him.

This first picture cracks me up...Skyla (obviously) isn't very happy but it just takes her a second to turn around:)

Can you say CHEESE?!
We made Chicken Fajitas for dinner (that's what Chris chose:) and had Kelly and Jen and their family over. It was delicious and we had such a great night.

Hunter even pitched in, he LOVES to cook!