"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Monday, November 30, 2009

*Big Move*

Well, it's official, we are all moved in!
The kids did such a great job helping us pack up and unpack! I am so grateful for all of the helping hands. We had so many people turn up and help us out. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We miss our old ward but are excited to be in our new one.

Chris' best friend Frankie came and helped us with our furniture the day before the men from our ward came. My brother Cory and his beautiful wife Elisha came and helped on Friday and Jake came late that night. We had an awesome turn out of men from our ward and if it hadn't been for all of these people we would probably still be loading the trailers.

Hunter took this picture:)

When we got to Spanish Fork we seriously had probably 15-20 people waiting to help us, how awesome is that! It took us 9 hours to pack up the trailers and about 1 1/2 to unload. We are just beyond grateful to you all!

Thanks again!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

*Sweet Peas*

Lets just say Lala
This chick cracks me up! We had peas the other night and she wouldn't even TRY them! So when Chris tried to assist her in eating the peas she cried and cried and cried! The funny thing about this first picture is that she had been throwing a fit about the peas for probably 10 minutes and when I finally decided to get the camera out she stopped crying instantly and smiled! Little Stinker! Chris was awesome, he WOULD NOT let her get away without eating her peas. Once she actually ate them she was fine but this first bite lasted a good 20 minutes!

It's official we are the MEANEST parents in the world! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

*Funnest and Scariest Halloween Ever!*

So Frank (Chris' Best Friend since birth, literally) and Marla (His awesome wife) invited us over for Halloween. They had three kinds of Chili and Cornbread, which was delicious. Then they had there Rhino hooked up to their trailer lined with bales of hay for us to ride on. How much fun is that!
This is the first house we went to and Lala wanted to do it by herself. Every time I would pick her up to help her she would growl at me.The reason why I put Scariest Halloween ever is um, well,
Talk about your worst nightmare! I was on the back of the trailer with Skyla talking to Marla and Chris was up in the front with Frank. Our group was ready to go across the street and Hunter was stopped there (because he knows he will get in trouble if he runs out in the street) So I told him to follow the group across the street, and he did. Then the rhino pulled forward like a half a block. We could still see the house the kids were just at. And I started looking for Hunter, couldn't see him so I asked Chris if he could see him. He couldn't and I figured he probley was somewhere in the middle of our group. Well the "Group" started filtering out and Hunter is nowhere to be found so Me, Chris and Frank start running the neighborhood, when we ran into each other and no one had found him yet, I started freaking out. (I literally was like "Honey, I'm really starting to Freak out" as tears start running down my face) Now I am completely panicked and people are coming up to me asking who I'm looking for, I would say "A cute hairy little pirate" We had probley 8 adults running through the neighborhood for a good 10 minutes (which is a LONG time in the moment) And then I hear someone yell "WE FOUND HIM!"
Holy Crap!
I never want to experience that again! Hunter didn't even realize what was going on. As I'm hugging him with my life he says "Hey Mom, Check out the candy I got!" and proceeds to take each piece of candy out on the ground, one at a time. Wow, I am so grateful that nothing worse happened. It defiantly makes you realize how fast something can go wrong. Let's just say he didn't let go of me or Chris' hand the rest of the night.

This is Gene and his wife Michelle. He is the one responsible for finding my son.
Thanks again Gene, your the best!

Our group

This was so awesome. There was a man riding around the streets as the headless horseman.

They were taking turns screaming.

When we got home Hunter couldn't wait to show us all of his candy.

We had such a good time and know it could have been way worse and are soooo grateful it wasn't.

Thanks again Frank and Marla for inviting us, we had a Blast!

*TwAs ThE dAy BeFoRe HaLlOwEeN*

We had the annual Hollingshead Halloween Party on Friday night and had such a Blast! They throw such a fun party. Before we went Chris and Hunter wanted to make Carmeled Apples they turned out really good.Unwrapping (and eating) the Carmel's.
After that we pulled out the costume box and had fun trying different things on. Lala looked so cute in the little Lion costume and she LOVED looking at herself in the mirror.
But in the end she ended up being a cute little fairy (along with every other little girl on the planet:) and I went as a Disco Diva (I had the costume from when I performed at the Olympics) We went cheep this year and used mostly what we had.

Hunter and Chris went as Chubby Pirates. They looked so cute!
Chris' shirt had "Jamie's Fantasy Man" on the back.
(Don't you love the hairy chest, yeah baby!:) Lala seemed to like it.Chris and Dave went up against each other in the Donut contest and Chris won. They were cake donuts so they were allowed a drink.

We had such a great time and we are so sad that we most likely wont be able to make it in the years to come.
Thanks for inviting us Jeremy and Talea! Your the best!


We had so much fun carving pumpkins this year. Hunter could not wait! He picked out the face that he wanted on his pumpkin and then helped me draw it on. He obviously is to little to actually carve it so we gave him a "Pumpkin Utensil" and told him to poke holes in it until we were ready to help him. He thought it was awesome.He was SOOOO proud of his pumpkin.
Hunter's, Daddy's, and Lala's and Mommy's (we shared)

We had a party to go to the next night and we needed to bring a dessert. We made this popcorn, marshmallow, m&m deliciousness. We will most certainly be making it again.