"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


*Where did I go wrong?*

I told Hunter to go get dressed and this is what he came up with.....REALLY HUNTER...REALLY?!!!

*Utah County Fair*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

*Our Cruise*

First off...get ready for a picture overload! (and there all out of order, not sure how that happened:)

Can I just start by saying that I have THE BEST husband in all the world! He surprised me with a cruise to the Bahamas for our 10 year anniversary (it was in June) Jake and Megan came with us for their 5 year anniversary...Can I say PARTAY!!! We seriously had the BEST time! It was very relaxing, just what we all needed! 

We left on Sunday (Aug. 14) and flew to Orlando where my awesome Aunt Gayle picked us up from the airport (it was SO good to see her!) and took us to the most amazing Hotel/Resort I have EVER been to! When we got there, we checked in and put our bags away and went to dinner at Olive Garden, we got there around 9:30. When we were done we walked back to the Hotel and got our swimsuits on and headed to the pool. It was AMAZING! It was right off the lake and had all of these hidden hot tubs and you swam through these rock tunnels to get to the other pool, it was awesome! The boys took the snorkel stuff to "practice" it was hilarious! We stayed there a while and then went to bed.

The next day (Monday) we got up and walked to IHOP for breakfast and then our transportation came and took us to the ship. Check in went really smoothly and we got our luggage pretty quickly and unpacked, then we went exploring on the ship. The ship left at 4:30 and then we did the "drill" and then went to a Savy Shopper meeting where we got tons of coupons and stuff for shopping. After that we got ready for dinner and met our waiter Abdul, he was great!

Tuesday we were in Coco Cay, Bahamas, it's there own little beach, we snorkeled and saw a ton of jelly fish (yikes), ate lunch, and played on this FUN jungle gym type thing in the ocean. It was a BLAST! Then we went back to the ship. It was formal night that night so we got all dressed up and went to dinner where they sang us a happy anniversary song and gave us a pretty little desert (I didn't eat it but it looked pretty:)After dinner we played poker in our room and I WON!:)

Wednesday we were in Nassau, Bahamas. It's exactly how I remember it from our very first cruise together(10 years ago). We shopped and then went to the beach where we played in the water and the boys snorkeled for seriously 3 hours before they came to dry land:) We saw some stingrays and the boys saw a blow fish and some other pretty fish. There was a big storm coming in and the guy had to come take our umbrella away but we still stayed for quite a while, It was such a fun, relaxing day!

Thursday we spent the day at sea. We pretty much just hung out! Played some bingo, at LOTS of food, Played poker, arcades, and went to the Show. After dinner we went to the room to pack up and then headed  to the midnight buffet. Then went to our room and ordered Chocolate Chip cookies with milk:) 

Friday we got up and went to breakfast and waited for our number to be called to check out. Then we waited for our transfer and headed to the airport where we got to wait there for 4 hours! It was actually quite fun, we went to all of the stores where Jake and I got new hats, had lunch and then played Phase 10 (I won:) and then   we went and got on our flight home!  This vacation was so much fun! Thanks again Chris for being amazing!