"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Sunday, July 31, 2011

*The Hills are Alive*

So we, my family, had a weight challenge...it lasted I think 7 weeks. We all put $30.00 into the pot and whoever won got all the money. Also the day we ended our challenge (Elisha's Birthday) we thought we would go out to dinner and go see The Sound of Music. Cory and Elisha won, Kelly and Jen were second, Chris and I got third, and Jess and Mike got fourth. I lost 13 pounds, Chris 7 pounds, it was definitively a motivating process. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was AMAZING!!! (C&E ended up not coming) and then headed up to Sundance to see the musical. The cast did a really nice job! We had to hike back to our car and I'm still sore but I figure it burned off one of the three rolls I ate;)

Ken's thinking......HARD!:)


Skyla finished eating her lunch after church and left the table, when we were all done Hunter went looking for her, he couldn't find her anywhere. Well, she had locked herself in the bathroom and gave herself a makeover...What do you think?:) Little stinker!
Watching Shark week. Jagger got all comfy in his bat cave:)

I just think she looked cute today so I took some pictures:)

Not sure what her face is doing here:)

*Jagger's Birthday*

For Jagger's Birthday we went to Seven Peaks with Tom, Angie, Carly and Ella. We were there a whole 15 minutes before they closed it due to rain:) We ended up going over to their house and we had a blast. The boys took the older kids fishing, Chris caught a little fish but let it go:) We had a fun day:) Happy Birthday Sweet Jagger!

Jagger got a cute little music set, the kids LOVE it:)

*July 25*

July 24 actually ended up being on a Sunday, we went up to Clearfied for Aunt Darla's Farewell, she is going to the Philippines. It was so fun to see some of our extended family AND we g0t to see John and Tammy and their cute kids!

On Monday we headed to the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Parade, it was soo much fun and we got a great "seat" in the middle of the road! Later that night we had everyone over for a family BBQ and celebrated Jagger's Birthday since everyone was already together. It started getting cloudy and about 10 minutes after Jagger started downing his cake a huge micro burst and everyone went running inside. Jagger was the last one standing and I swear he almost blew away.

The karate people came and showed Hunter how to break a board, he did and was SO proud:)

I'm not sure what happened but all of the sudden he just started bawling! It was so sad! He stopped after a minute.

Tanner wanted IN on the action.:)
Me and my very best friend, Daisy! I got to see her a lot the last week and loved every minute!:)

We waited up for fireworks, Hunter, Wyatt, Uncle Kelly, and Rees fell asleep but we woke most of them up to see the fireworks:) It was a great night:)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

*Jagger's ONE!*

I can't believe my sweet baby boy is already ONE! This year has flown right by! He really is the sweetest little boy and I am so grateful to be his Mama!

I had my studio set up for another shoot so I thought I would just hurry and take a few pictures. He would not cooperate but he was happy!:) I'll take what I can get:)

Jaggers ONE year Stats:
Weight: 21.94 37%
Height: 30.5in. 73%
Head: 19 in. 92%

*Spanish Fork Rodeo*

I have to say I love me a good rodeo and Spanish Fork is the BEST! I haven't gone for years and years, not because I didn't want to but mostly because I didn't live here. I was SOOO excited to take my sweet family. They all LOVED it. Hunter was in love with the Rodeo Queen (the one in black) every time she would come out he would say "Mom! That's her! She is sooo beautiful!" Skyla would scream every time a horse would come out and Jagger danced his little heart out to the music! It was such a blast and I can't wait for next year when we get to do it again!:)
Yee Haw!