"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

*Hunter's Preschool Pictures*

This is the
Little Readers Preschool
Hunter's teacher is Miss Jamie and he totally loves her! Her sister in law came and took pictures of the class and I think they turned out way cute!

That fake smile is KILLING me... I was laughing so hard!
This is Hunter's "Funny Face"

*Jagger 4 Months*

I can't believe our sweet little Jagger is already 4 months old! Time is flying! This little guy has seriously brought so much joy into our lives! I honestly don't know what I would do with out him! He had his 4 month check up on Wednesday and it looks like he is probably going to need a helmet for his head because he favors one side of his head over the other and his head isn't growing correctly. So sad! Anyway, he is rolling all over the place and talks so much! He loves when I sing to him which makes me so happy because my other two hated it when I would sing to them, Jagger just sits and grins at me. He is the happiest, sweetest baby in the world and such a blessing!
Here are his Stats:
Weight: 12.99 pounds 12.44%
Length: 25 inches 51.07%
Head: 17 inches 72.97%

*First Snow Fall*

*Update on Chris' Hand*

Chris's hand looks AMAZING! I mean technically it still looks gross but really it is so much better than it was. Yay! He can almost start typing on his own;)


O.K. there are A LOT of random pictures in here and for the most part they are not in order. Oops.

My sister in law and I did a craft show during the Thanksgiving Break and this is Cory and Mike cutting and sanding block for us. Everybody was so awesome to help us! Thanks again Guys! (including Chris:)
This is Skyla looking at magazines while I was cooking dinner! She is SUCH A GIRL! She kept saying "Oh look Mama, this is sooo cute!"

One night while I ran out to take some pictures of a beautiful sunset this is what I came back to find. He had been in the middle of the floor and I was probably gone for 2 minutes or less. He is quite the mover now:)
We LOVE Bath time!

Getting ready to go rake the leaves!

I love this picture of my boy...doesn't he look so cozy with his Aunt Jess?!

*November Sunsets*

I LOVE November Sunsets!
It seems like every single night in November I was running to the backyard to take pictures!
Here are just a few of the pictures I have taken this month.

(Obviously this isn't a sunset but I still think it's beautiful)


I can't believe I'm a MONTH behind! This was the day we celebrated Halloween. It was such a cold and stormy day that we decided to just stay in for the night. We started off by making some yummy treats, caramel popcorn and caramel apples.

Then we painted our pumpkins since Daddy couldn't really cut them out with his hand:)
These pictures are out of order but this is Hunter being so sad that we cant go trick or treating.

We came up with something almost as good as trick or treating. We decided to dress the kids up and trick or treat in our own house. We had so much fun. We made up a song and wondered around the upstairs until our neighbor (aka daddy) got behind the next door. So. Much. Fun.

Wow...can you say "FAKE SMILES"