"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Sunday, October 30, 2011


 This was the Sunrise, it was INSANE! These photo's have NOT been touched! I love how the coloring can become so vibrant in a matter on minutes and then it's totally gone!

*Our Tuesdays*

Chris goes to school at 7:30, then we get Hunter ready and he leaves at 8:15, I get back from taking him and get Skyla ready for Joy School at 9:00 pick them both up at 11:00 get back, do homework, eat lunch and get  ready for dance. Come home from dance, kids take naps, I try to catch up, they wake up, play with friends, I get dinner ready, Chris comes home, we eat, kids bath, then we watch a show together or read. :)

Skyla right before dance class.:) Cute girl!

 The other day Hunter BEGGED me to let him "do the socks!" Um...OK! I HATE folding the socks! Go Hunter, he is doing such a great job!:)

 I had to wake Jagger up so we could take Skyla to dance so I thought I might as well take a picture of him waking up:) He wasn't very happy about it.

 Watching Phineas and Pherb, their favorite show EVER!

*Leaf Fight!*

Hunter with his two best friends, Brock and Chloe

*Leaves are falling all around...*

*Sunday Drive*

This is our FAVORITE time of year to go up the canyons and see the beautiful scenery around us. After Choir practice on Sunday we headed up Payson Canyon and had tinfoil dinners. It was SO MUCH FUN!

 We went on a little hike and saw BEAR tracks! We headed right back after that:)



We we lucky enough to see Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne, we hated the circumstances (Wayne's Father passed away) but we were so excited to be able to see them! We all got together at Uncle Chad and Aunt Donna's and had a Great time!:)