"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I had the realization a couple of days ago that my baby is growing...of course he's growing but he is REALLY growing. He is starting to talk getting into things he should be to little to get into. We are going to put him in Hunter's room in the next couple of months and I realized that I most likely will never have another baby in this beautiful crib that Chris made. That is such a sad thing for me. I know it has to happen sometime but I will miss going in to get my baby in the morning with a huge smile on his face and his arms reaching out to me. Don't get me wrong I LOVE seeing my kids grow and get into their sweet personalities, I will just miss my babies too!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

*Bath Time*


I don't know if you know this secret our family is keeping....but.....Spiderman is MY son! That's right Hunter is the REAL spiderman.  He is always doing good and protecting our world. We are SO lucky to have him!:)

I had my photo studio set up the other day and he asked if I would take some pictures of him in his "gear" 
Looking at these pictures make me laugh (he OBVIOUSLY posed himself:) but as you can see the first picture he's all proper and then you can see him getting into character. Love it!:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

*Stitches are OUT*

Skyla got her stitches out on Tuesday. Hunter REALLY wanted to go with her so I let him come.  The whole way over Skyla was telling us how brave she was going to be, I knew that once she got there it would be a different story and was I right? HECK YES I was right:) As soon as they walked us back and she saw the bed she started freaking out. She wanted to sit on my lap but they needed her to lay down. The nurse was trying SO hard to calm her. She got her scissors out to cut them and she said to Skyla "Look how cute these tiny little scissors are!" Skyla calmed down a little and goes "They ARE cute!" Then the nurse explained what she was going to do and she freaked out again. They called in 3 more nurses to help hold her down. Hunter did not like that ..he said to me "their not going to hurt her are they?" He is such a great brother. I had her little face and hand and as soon as the second stitch was out she started to relax. She was totally calm by the time they were down and she sits up and says in a perky voice..."I was SO brave...Huh Mom!" She was so proud of herself. 



*Daddy's Little Helpers*

Chris was fixing the toilet the other day and I hear him yell "Jamie, Come here!" I brought my camera just in case...he said his boys wanted to help out. Their so cute!:)

Friday, January 6, 2012

*Skyla's First Stitches*

Don't read if you don't like blood or comparisons to hamburger;)

Time: 5:15 P.M. 
The kids were all playing in there room and I went downstairs to put some rice on for dinner. My Mom had just gotten home about 15 minutes before and we were talking about our day. When all of the sudden you here Hunter yelling and slurring words...Skyla is screaming bloody murder, I finally start understanding what Hunter is saying "Hurry Skyla!" "MOM!!! THERE'S SO MUCH BLOOD!" "It's OK Skyla!" As soon as my Mom and I heard the door open we both bolted upstairs. They were coming down to hall toward the stairs and we see Skyla. I haven't seen that much blood since Chris cut his fingers off. I knew it was pretty bad. Her mouth was just overflowing with blood. I put her on the bathroom counter and had her over the sink. I put my fingers in her mouth to see if a tooth had fallen out or what had happened, the lower half of her face was covered in blood so it was hard to tell, then I started getting the blood off of her face and that's when I saw it. She had a huge hole on the bottom of her lip into her chin. It was SO gross. I asked Hunter to show me what had happened and he said she was trying to do a back flip off of the toy chest into tons of blanket and pillows...my guess is that she jumped forward and down instead of backwards and hit on the corner of the toy chest. Hunter felt so awful and just broke down bawling..."please Mom, let me go with you, I don't want to leave my sister!" He was so sweet! I went back into the bathroom and my Mom looked at me and said "You've got to get her to a Dr." So I called my Dr. to see what I needed to do but they didn't have the after hours Dr there for over an hour so she told me to go to the ER or an Instacare. I told my Mom what the plan was and she looked at me and said "Just a minute!" and sat on the bathroom floor and put her head between her legs...she had just gotten her blood drawn at the Dr's and hadn't eaten yet and then the adrenaline rush hit her!  We got her some water and then headed over to Instacare. After waiting for 30 minutes to check in (not so instant:) they told me that they didn't accept my insurance...LOVELY! So we headed over to the Payson Hospital ER. She FREAKED out when anyone came near her so they had to sedate her. After about 20 minutes it still hadn't set in completely and they thought that was odd so they gave her another dose. IT WAS AWFUL! Her eyes stayed open the whole time, they Dr. said that she would be in a "dream like world" her eyes were shaking back and forth and her little leg kept moving and then she would moan every once and a while. There are no cameras allowed in the ER so the only picture I got was on my phone but I think I'm going to erase it because I NEVER want to see her like that again. But if I could have taken pictures of when they cleaned it out you would have seen how bad her hole was on the outside and then the inside is just a big ole hole that looks like hamburger all around it...SO SAD! I had to keep a hold of my emotions, not just because of her poor little face but because I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude that my children are healthy and happy. I can not imagine what it would be like to see my child suffer through a disease or cancer or anything like that and I pray I will never have to go through such a trial. As for Skyla, she got 6 stitches and will be OK, she will most likely have a scar but it could have been SO much worse. We are definitely counting our blessings!
 The triangle on the picture below is where the hole starts.

 This morning she wanted me to take a picture of her smiling:)
 Her diet for the next few day consist of Milkshakes, Popcycles, yogurt and baby food. She can't have anything with "particles" because it could get stuck in the hole on the inside of her mouth.

*New Years Eve*

We had a fun. low key New Years Eve this year. Kelly and Jen invited us to go to the BYU basketball game so we ran a few errands, went to Wendy's for dinner and headed to the game. When we got home we ate tons of junk and played 5 crowns with my Mom and Ken then watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Fun night!

*After Christmas*

I LOVE when everything settles down after Christmas and the kids don't want to leave their bedrooms because they have so many new and fun things to do. 
Hunter gave Skyla a makeover with all of her new makeup, he even did her hair (aka got it wet)...doesn't she look AMAZING?!:)

*Little Stinker!!!*

The other day Jagger was playing in his room while I was paying some bills. I hadn't checked on him in maybe 5 minutes and when I went to check on him this is what I found:
 He was on the stairs with a Ding Dong, it was ALL OVER! At first I kind of laughed and ran and got my camera because I thought it was kind of cute:) So after I took some pictures of him, I took him into the kitchen to clean him up and I found 5-6 Ding Dongs eaten and all over the floor. What a punk! The ironic thing is, is that Chris and I had talked just a couple of hours before this happened about putting a lock on those doors. Crazy kid!