"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

*Splash Pad*

Today is my cute nephew Rees' birthday. We met down at the Splash Pad in Spanish Fork for a little party. The kids loved it. Jagger was a little hesitant until the end, then he was a little more daring:D

 Um.... Should I be worried?

*Take a Trip Tuesday*

Every Tuesday my Mom and I try to take the kids somewhere fun. This week was Sundance. The kids did SO good. Skyla kept saying "I can do this, I'm 4...huh Mom!" After our hike we went out to lunch at McDonalds. Fun Day!:D

*Fire Danger*

I can NOT believe how bad the fires are this year...and it's only JUNE!!!! These pictures are taken from up on my Mom's deck up Spanish Fork Canyon (The Indianola Fire) The last picture is from today, when you go outside you are just inhaling smoke and there is ash flying around. It's completely crazy and Scary! At this point we don't know how our cabin is doing. Kelly went up and tried every way possible to get up there and all of the roads are blocked, so we are crossing our fingers. That would be such a devastating loss for our family. With us selling our house, it's one of the only physical reminders that we have of my Dad. I'm sick to my stomach and praying for everyone's safety though all of this.

*Music Class*

Skyla did a music class through the Spanish Fork Art Festival this year and absolutely LOVED it. It was a two week program and on the last day they had a little performance, she did great!

 Miss Maddi


*The End of T-Ball*

Hunter has loved T-Ball this year (mostly because his Bestie, Brock was on his team:)

 This cracks me up:D

*Skyla's 4 year old pictures*

*Skyla turns 4*

Skyla's Birthday was pretty low key this year with Chris being gone, but we still had A LOT of fun!
We started out with her favorite breakfast (sugar cereal:), opened presents (she got to open one present at a time throughout the day), for lunch we went to Arby's (her choice), came home for naps and then Hunter left with Brock's family to go hiking and I took Jagger and Skyla to the mall to go shopping (her choice) and then we went to Cupcake Chic and ate cupcakes.  When we got home I put Jagger to bed and then we went out back to take Skyla's 4 year old pictures. When we were done with that (9:00) Grandma got home and she got to open a present from her and Grandpa Ken. It was a stick horse and she is IN LOVE. She is always riding it around. It was such a fun day with my sweet girl!

*On Sunday when Chris came home he made a yummy cake for Skyla's Birthday:D He is the BEST daddy!