"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Friday, December 14, 2012

*Nielsen Adult Party*

We had SO much fun on our "Christmas Date" that my Mom takes us on every year but it didn't come easily....it all started when Chris was playing basketball with Hunter and Wyatt...he came in breathing REALLY heavy and jumping around, you know when Chris is hurt because he is NOT dramatic AT ALL so when he does Dramatic things like this it usually is a big deal. He said he heart a big pop and he was nervous that it was broken (which we was REALLY mad about)As he started wrapping his foot all the kids were huddled around him (Skyla, Sadie, Hunter, Kaulin, and Wyatt) they were SO worried about him, I told them that he was going to be OK and to pray to Heavenly Father and to have Faith that he would be....one at a time they all kneeled down and silently started to pray  it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen and of course started to cry...the faith of a little child.... I told Chris to get in the car, we were going to go to the E.R. Once we were there they took us right back (we were the only ones there) took him back to Radiology and then the Dr. came took us to look at the x-rays...NOT BROKEN...what a relief, it was just a BAD sprain (which a lot of times hurts WAY worse then broken) We were seriously in and out in 30 minutes...it was AWESOME! We learned a lot of important lessons on Faith that day:D We came home got ready and was only 10 minutes late to dinner. We had AMAZING food (we get to order anything and Everything we want, it's SO fun)and then went to the Scera Shell for "The First Christmas" it was REALLY well done, SUCH a fun night!

(These pictures are a couple days later, I WISH I would have taken some that day his foot was three times this size)

*Christmas Express*

Santa must have known we were going to Texas for Christmas because he brought us Christmas PJ's a little early. On Monday night we had Family Home Evening (we learned about the symbols of Christmas) when we were done we told the kids to go get ready for bed. They ran upstairs and then you heard "Joyous Noise" they we squealing with excitement  they had Christmas jammies and slippers laid out on there beds with a golden ticket that said "Christmas Express" (Chris and I even had one on our bed) so as they hurriedly got the PJ's on Chris yelled from downstairs. "You gotta see this!" We all ran downstairs and our garage door was open with our car running with loud Christmas music playing. We figured we were probable supposed to get it in, as we started driving Chris got a text from Santa, it was some kind of code that we had to figure out, we did, and it took us right to the Festival of Lights. We had SO MUCH FUN that night! It's a night I pray I won't ever forget, I don't think I've EVER heard so much excitement. Hunter kept saying "Can you believe this is happening...Oh my gosh this is SO exciting!" Skyla kept saying "What is happening, this is CRAZY!" Seriously one of the BEST nights I've ever had with my cute little family:D

(I HAD to take pictures when we got home)


I LOVE this boy beyond words! I honestly can't even find words to say how much! He is the most loving, tender-hearted, loyal, genuine, hyper, happy, sweet boy IN.THE.WORLD!!!! I am SO blessed to have him as my own. I thank Heavenly Father for the best kids every single day! Chris and I are SO blessed!
Chris and I have really tried to teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas, I saw this on Facebook this morning and when I had a minute I pulled Hunter aside and asked if he would watch it with me, he was excited:D I turned it on and he sat on my lap almost frozen just mesmerized  when Christ was being Crucified  he began sobbing, when he was resurrected he calmed down, like he finally understood what Jesus did for us. After the video was over we had a beautiful conversation about the true meaning of Christmas, this is something I won't soon forget.


Thanksgiving was different this year...my Mom and Ken couldn't come down because Ken had major back surgery a couple of weeks before and couldn't make the drive, it was sad. It hit me a lot harder than I thought it would, I think not having EITHER of my parents there really affected me but we still had an AWESOME Thanksgiving. I seriously have THE FUNNEST family! We are truly blessed. This was our LAST Thanksgiving in our Childhood home, my Mom has the house up for sale and is hoping it's gone by Summer, this will be a HUGE loss for our family, we will have no ties (except my Dad's grave) to Spanish Fork anymore and that is really heartbreaking for me. Gosh, this is sounding depressing we really did have SO much fun, lot of food, fun, football and Black Friday ads:D and seriously look at my nephew, Braxton, how can HE not make your day SO bright:D 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

*Little Turd!*

Friday, November 9, 2012

*Mom & Ken's Wedding*

My Mom got married to Ken Hendrix on Sept.15, 2012. 
It was SUCH a beautiful and FUN wedding, here are some pictures: