"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Halloween was super fun this year..we definitely didn't go all out but still had an awesome day. Jagger and I started our day off with going to the kids' school to watch the parade...they both looked great (Skyla was Little Miss Muffit and Hunter was a boxer with green hair...kind of the hulk:) Later that night we went to the Primary's Trunk or treat at Murrie Cox house (She is the Pres. I am the second counselor) It was SO much fun and we had an awesome turn out! We ended our night by letting the kids go to a couple of our neighbors and then came home and sorted candy...It was a record year for us...SO...MUCH...CANDY!!!
Happy Halloween!

*Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!*

Our neighbor, Sister Butler has lots and lots and lots of cats. My kids are in HEAVEN over there...there are a lot of darling little kittens right now and they have all picked their favorite and named them. This was Jagger's favorite Whiley,  and she was SO patient with him...he would lug her around everywhere, drop her, love her, step on her...you name it, this kitten has been through it all. So fun to see him try to be so soft with her!

Monday, February 24, 2014

*Olympic Park*

This was seriously one of my most favorite days together as our little family. I hadn't been up to Olympic Park since I had sang there at the 2001 Winter Olympics. We did everything they had to offer...the Alpine Slide, obstacle course, zip-line, and rode the chair lift back and forth...I would say our kids were in heaven but I think we all were:) SUCH a FUN FUN day! 

*Skyla's First Pageant*

Little Miss Skyla Jean competed in her very first pageant. She was SO beyond excited, she always wanted to practice her walk:) This was a Cameo Girl pageant which means it was just a modeling competition on stage. I told her that she would have to say her name, where she is from and how old she is, so she came up with this:
Hello, I'm Skyla Jean Knudsen, I'm 5 years old and live in Payson, Ut (she even had a southern accent...so cute and so funny!) When she first got onstage she looked terrified but by the end she was wearing her beautiful smile and looked a lot more relaxed. She did a great job and came in 3rd and wants to do it again and again, she just needs to convince her daddy, who is the best Daddy in the WORLD! As much as he gripped about the whole "pageant" thing, he was there cheering her on and brought her a beautiful flower and a bouquet of princess balloons...he sure loves his little girl:)
(Brooklyn also did the pageant and looked so beautiful~she took 4th, they had SO much fun doing this together:)


I was asked by PAINTCANDY ACTIONS to test the "Autumn Collection" and I was happy to do it...The fall colors weren't quite out yest but these actions definitely helped make them look a little more fall.
On the way home was the home was the most incredible sunset so we pulled over to take a picture:)

*Park City*

My wonderful Mother took me and all my siblings and spouses to Park City for an overnighter and we had the BEST time! My family is seriously some of the FUNNEST people to be around. We went to our favorite Mexican place for dinner and talked and talked, then went back to our place and did the same ALL night long. We stayed in the most amazing place up in THE CANYONS...we drew out for for rooms and we ended up bunking with Jess and Mike. Chris and I stayed another night and had so much fun...We went shopping and bowling with Kelly and Jen then the next morning went to breakfast with Cory and Elisha and then home. It was such a wonderful weekend!
Thanks again Mom!:D

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

*Good Times*

We were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Knudsen come and visit us for a couple of days. While they were here one of the nights we watched Donna's kids so we mostly hung out outside and let them run and play. They had a blast!:D We ALWAYS LOVE when they come and visit, we mostly just hang out, play games and talk, I miss living close to them SO MUCH!!!