"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, that's why we call it the present."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

*Snow Day*


This kid is SO accident prone. 
He climbs on EVERYTHING and can get into ANYTHING!!!
Sometimes he gets it....sometimes he falls:)

*Snow Bunny*

*Complete Cheese Head!*

We picked up Chris from school because he had a Dr. appointment so Jagger and I waited in the car and he was being SO cute! So naturally I had to take pictures:) After we went to look at the Temple:)

*Family Home Evening*

Chris was in charge of F.H.E. last week and did such a great job! We learned about RESPONSIBILITY. He taught us how to clean up after ourselves and do things without being asked. He also taught us about MONEY...and that it doesn't grow on trees. He wrote on the board all of the things that Mommy and Daddy have to pay for, I was the bank so he would give the kids the money and they would pass it down to me. He mixed the lesson by teaching us that if we are responsible for all that is ours we wont have to buy as much "stuff" to replace things we've lost and we would have some money to put in savings or for fun. 
The kids LOVED it!:)


For now Jagger is mostly OK with watching the kids play from the window but he'll be out there with them sooner than I'd like:) 
(My baby is growing up WAY to fast!!!)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

*Skyla gets her OWN room*

Skyla LOVES her new room! 
We bought her bedding when we lived in Nashville and she wasn't even a twinkle in our eye yet. (7 years ago:) and we FINALLY got to pull it out. We definitely need to still decorate and stuff but we put up what we had and it's still pretty cute. The cool think is, is that she is in MY old room in MY old day bed. SO FUN!:)

I had to throw this picture of her "Lounging" in her room. This was taken last Sunday after her bath. I didn't want to put her in her church dress yet so she wore my super comfy robe. 

*BYU Dinner*

My Mom invited me to a BYU graduated dinner. She told me that it was semi-formal, I told her that to most people that means "Sunday attire" she DID NOT believe me so we totally dressed up and YA we were the ONLY ones dressed like this, but WHO CARES!!!! Who doesn't LOVE to get dressed up:) We had a great time!:)